Discovering Your Past Lives

There is a large amount of speculation that many of us have had past lives. Several religions believe that we come back to perfect our soul, going through a process called reincarnation. Regardless of the religion that this originates from, or which there are many, they share very similar beliefs. There is the belief that we have a soul. A universal understanding is that we choose the lives that we live next. It is also believed, especially in modern times, that it is possible to remember what these past lives were. Some people see this as therapeutic, showing them that death is not an ending and that there is a possibility that they can come at a future point in time. For others, by understanding what their past lives were, it can give them direction as to what they may do with their life right now. Here is a quick overview of what past lives might represent, what reincarnation is, and how you can discover your past lives using a modern day past life regression expert.

What Your Past Lives Represent?

People that are interested in seeing a past life regression therapist believe that they have incarnated on earth many times before. Some of them believe that they are old souls, having been here many times, whereas others believe they are a new soul with this life being their first. Past lives represent an indication that we originate from a place other than the material world. It is a representation of a higher power, and different dimensions, one of which led us to where we are right now.

What Is The Belief In Reincarnation?

This belief is one that leads people to conclude that our souls come back from time to time. We reincarnate into a different body, showing up in various lifetimes. There are some that believe we have a path that is chosen for us, whereas others think that we decide our fate. The reason that we come back, in many cases, is for our benefit. Our goal, at least from the perspective of our soul, is to reach some state of perfection. All of us have problems that we deal with in real life, and these are clues as to what problems we need to fix. The purpose of becoming better differs depending on who you ask. For example, in the Hindu religion, it is believed that we return to escape the Wheel of Samsara. This wheel is thought to be a never-ending cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that can only stop once we have perfected our soul. Other religions may similarly look at this, each believing that we originate from a place of spirit and our primary objective is to remain there and not come back.

How Can You Learn About Your Past?

We can learn about our past lives in modern times by working with a hypnotherapist. They can help us go into a meditative state through a form of hypnosis. In doing so, we have access to what psychologists today referred to as the subconscious mind. Memories of past lives are stored there. Some have done very well with this technique. Experts such as Brian L. Weiss MD, Dr. Ian Stevenson and Michael Newton have all written books on this topic. By regressing people, and documenting what is stated during their regression therapy, they can tap into what appear to be past life memories.

Can Past Life Regression Therapy Assist You?

This type of therapy can be amazing for those that are trying to figure out their lives. For example, there may be new things that you have just encountered which give you a familiar feeling. Many people refer to this as déjà vu, and it is possible that this is representative of something you experienced in a past life. People will try to interpret their dreams through past life therapy, or hobbies or activities that they have which are of great interest. One aspect of this therapy that is very popular is trying to understand who your soulmate is. In past life therapy, they sometimes refer to soul companions, or soul families, that travel through time together. People that you meet that you instantly like, or have so much in common with, could be representative of the fact that this has always been the case, regardless of how many lifetimes you have reincarnated together. Although none of this can be proven, it is through inference that this type of therapy can be conducive to helping people understand, and even map out their lives.

If you have never been to a past life regression therapist, it might be something that you should consider. If you are currently trying to understand your place in life, this could be helpful. Some people can finally figure out why they have a predilection for certain things, or for a particular type of person in their life. You can find many past life regression therapists throughout the world, one of which may be able to help you recall a past life and provide you with answers.

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